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Call recorder and more

vEmotion - Record Internet Calls and do more
Internet Call Recorder and more!
Internet Call Recorder Compatible with windows
Automatically Record Internet Calls into MP3 files.
Send audio clips to partners during calls
Share music with call partners
Text to speech translation (you type, they listen)
Take memo/note while recording a call
Audio greeting message at beginning of a call
Compatible with all Internet Call programs
  Record MSN, Record Skype, Record Yahoo and more and nearly all internet call clients
Talk in Gmail rather than using Gtalk? also supported
Ability to run as a background service (in stealth mode)
Monitor your kids' voice chat behavior? learn more...
Upload call records to Record Center Server
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Powerful Internet Call Recorder
Record all internet based calls on computer with CD quality.
Automatically start and complete recording calls.
Epoch recorded. Remember the exact time you said some words!
Write memo while recording a call, and save memo together with call records.
Ability to run as background service (stealth mode) showing no user interface.
Add life to Internet Call Conversations
Share music to make call conversations more lively.
Send voice emotions (audio clips) to your friends to enjoy more vivid talking.
Play a greeting message at beginning of a internet call.
TTS (text to speech) ability. You can talk without opening your mouth!
Compatible with all Internet Call Clients
Skype, icq, msn / windows live messenger, google talk, aim / triton / pro , yahoo messenger, and tecent qq are explicitly supported and fully tested.
By simple user customization, vEmotion can work with nearly all voice enabled instant messengers and internet call clients, such as VoIPCheap, Teltel, Sipdiscount , Harbibi, VoIPStunt, Express talk, MagicJack and so on. Find a long list of internet call programs, click here.
Make Enterprise Internet Call Recording Solutions

Automatically upload call records to server computer running Call Record Center. You can manage a large number of call records collectively.

vEmotion Licensing
 Unlimited software functions
 See no advertisements
 High-level technical support
 Free future updates
Smart PC Recorder
Easy-to-use audio recorder that saves all kinds of sound on your computers into small mp3 / wma / ogg / wav files.
Call Record Center
A server tool that receives call records from multiple vEmotion clients and collectively manage all records.
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